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Ceiling Pixel Lamp

A custom office ceiling for 70's flair light shows


The original idea was to have a nice dynamic room light, that would be controlable over some kind of webservice in the local network, to have multible light regions with different brightness intensity.

But after some inital brainstorming, we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed more variance, so rgbw was the only way.

Hardware List

  • 3200x SK6812 Leds (RGBW)
  • 50x connection custom pcb for plates
    • 105x Audio jacks (3 pole)
    • 100x XT60 male & female connector pairs
    • 50x Multifuse 25A
    • 50x 1000uF Cap
  • 1x main custom pcb for teensy
    • 1x Teensy 3.2
  • 5m usb extention



Demo - Farbrausch Masangi Farbrausch Masagin Demo

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